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Wunderkey Classic Aluminum

Wunderkey Classic Aluminum

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Torn pockets, the annoying jingling and the search for the right key are a thing of the past with Wunderkey. Timeless design, the best materials and maximum functionality make the Wunderkey your new favorite accessory. In a Wunderkey, your keys are organized in the tightest space possible and can be folded out when they are needed, comparable to a pocket knife. In addition, the Wunderkey can be equipped with useful add-ons such as a multitool, a USB 3.0 stick, a shopping-cart solver or a key ring to attach the car key.

In the aluminum version, this Wunderkey is a design classic in its purest form. It is a real eye-catcher for minimalists.

The Wunderkey Aluminum is made of anodized aluminum with aviation approval and finished with an additional fine polish and transparent natural anodizing.

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