Stick it. Slide it. Work it.

MOMOSTICK was born with the motif of creativity and diversity to offer better convenience and pleasure to our customers. MomoStick is a combination of MOMO and STICK. MOMO stands for Moment, Outstanding, Masterpiece, and Optimum. While STICK, because it simply sticks anywhere.

Our goal is to consistently provide the best products at every moment, offering better life abundance and enjoyment. Since we spend a lot of time on our phones, why not make it more convenient? With Momostick, your thumb is now more versatile than ever! Got phone butterfingers? Help yourself out with a Momostick. This simple device attaches to the back of your phone, adding barely any bulk while allowing you to push up the attached band to create a perfect grip for your finger. You can take better photos, and even put the Momostick in your car's vent to act as a phone mount while driving.