What is THOR Storage boxes and bin made of?

The THOR Stackable Storage Box is made with high-grade polypropylene, a strong and temperature-resistant plastic, which makes it powerful and long-lasting.

Are THOR Storage boxes and bins food-safe?

Yes! The THOR Stackable Storage Boxes are ideal for the food service industry. These plastic food storage containers are NSF-certified and are best for use in food handling and processing.

Can I stack my THOR storage boxes?

Yes, definitely made for stacking. Its tough materials are made to store heavy items, as well as stacking. You can stack 4pcs of 1L Mini THOR on top of a 22L box. You can also stack 2pcs of 22L on top of a 53L or a 75L box.

Does the lid snap tight?

The THOR Stackable Storage Box comes with a tight snap lid, keeping contents secure. It helps in the efficient use of space by keeping the boxes steadily stacked.

How do you pack orders before shipping?

Orders are packed in cling wraps and ribbon/s.

Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes, we do! You may email us at for bulk orders.


THOR Storage Product Care

  • Use the storage box/bin for its intended purpose. If it's designed for specific items (like clothing, documents, or tools), avoid using it for other types of items that might stress the material.
  • Certain substances, like strong dyes or chemicals, can stain or damage plastic. Be cautious when storing items that might cause discoloration or deterioration of the plastic.