Le repas nomade réinventé

packed lunch - reinvented

“Bento” is a Japanese term referring to a meal in a container that is eaten outside the home.

Deeply set in the Japanese food culture, they come in a variety of shapes and colors. Bentos can be used anywhere: on the train, at work, on a walk, in the park… the possibilities are limitless. The Japanese use them every day to carry their homemade lunches to work or for their kids to eat at school. Moving on from the well-known kawaii bentos, Anglo-Saxon countries have embraced the bento thanks to its nutritious and stylish appeal. monbento® is a brand from France that combines fashion, practicality, and the freedom of eating what and where you want through their wide variety of lunch boxes, containers, drinkware, and utensils.

Choosing monbento® means choosing a beautiful product that you’ll want to use and show off, which matches your lifestyle and values, and that can even be personalized in line with available features. Choosing monbento®, means opting to bring your own food when you eat away from home. A time- and money-saving practice that becomes an absolute pleasure when all its limitations are overcome thanks to our tailor-made “companions”. Choosing monbento® means healthy eating because you control what’s in your lunch and by eating home-cooked food. It also means avoiding waste by reducing the use of throwaway containers and packaging that add to the trash mountain.