Monologue is a series of lifestyle diaries, stationery and accessories that are made with the finest synthetic leather polyurethane in a variety of premium colors. The beauty of Monologue lies in their construction and finishing -- applied not as an afterthought but as an integral part of the process.
The company evolved from a long line of craftsmanship and tradition since the founding of their parent company back in 1945. Monologue itself was created in 2007. More than just an ordinary stationery company, Monologue was designed to rekindle the love of putting pen to paper in a digital age.

Starting with the signature Ruled Notebook, the Monologue range has since grown to include many exciting products such as sketch books and lifestyle items. All Monologue products are designed to fit into the different roles and characters you play in your life. They are also built with the result of excellent finishing, premium cover materials that are procured from competent mills all over the world, and acid-free paper that can be preserved for a long period of time.
With Monologue, it has never been easier to Articulate Your World.