Bring order to your key chaos.

Wunderkey combines the practical properties of a key organizer with the beauty of an elegant accessory. In Wunderkey you can put in your keys easily and fold them out, like out of a Swiss army knife. Wunderkey is developed, produced, and assembled in Germany. We are only using the highest quality of stainless steel and aluminum. Wunderkey is fully customizable.

Wunderkey turns any key ring into a chic accessory. Timeless design and highest functionality make the Wunderkey a must-have for any man or woman with style. The Wunderkey is made of the finest stainless steel and made of high-quality aluminum.

The standard version can accommodate up to four keys in the Wunderkey. The standard version is characterized by its extreme compactness. With a thickness of only 12 mm, the Wunderkey is slimmer than a lighter and thus finds its place in even the tightest trouser pocket. The standard version is therefore ideal for minimalists. With the optionally selectable expansion packs, however, space for any number of keys and accessories can be created.

Practical add-ons such as the USB stick, bottle opener, or key ring give the Wunderkey its finishing touch and allow numerous combination possibilities. More accessories are available in our Wunderkey online shop. Thanks to ergonomically optimized openings on the back, the keys can be easily unscrewed with one finger.